Come On Before We Crack

Earlier today I was reading Saint Ignatius of Antioch thanks to the Liturgy of the Hours. One of the reasons I try to pray it daily is I get to read a little from a Church father with some regularity. Why would I have such a desire? Wisdom.
Which brings me fast forwarding to Dennis Prager, who has a new book in which he talks about wisdom, among other things. But the whole point of the book, actually is wisdom. He addresses wisdom directly in an excerpt I just put up in the Corner. (I interview him about the book here.)
It might be a fairly obvious point, but it’s one I don’t think we reflect on enough in our quest for the next new thing. And then when we reach into the past for a model, it can be the wrong one. In our personal lives, in our culture. Why else was there a remake of Footloose this year?

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