Into the Olympics Until the Closer

A priest writes:

The closing ceremony disappointed me. It was painful to see all the good work being undone by a mind numbingly boring presentation of the empty and shallow nature of pop culture. Faith was ridiculed, the glorification of self was championed, what were they thinking? This was highlighted by John Lennon’s “Imagine” a song that pays homage to an atheist ideology. One that croaks of the nothingness of life. One that sings of the suppression of personality and zest in life by imagining there is no heaven, therefore there is nothing to strive for in life. What replaces heaven? Just the dreary living for today and rejoicing that this is all there is.  All people to be the same, no differences, which in the end leads to the suppression of any other idea other that the atheist mantra; no toleration, no compassion, no point, no chance, no hope!

President Jacques Rogge’s two awaited adjectives that sum up the games were “The happy and glorious” Games! I agree it was a triumph, happy and glorious indeed! Let us hope the closing ceremony was a blip, a self indulgent mistake, one that does not define the future of any legacy that is created. The future legacy I would hope is to motivate a sense of working together. Of faith being part of the experience of life, of being different, celebrating the zest of life and the hope humanity has when it invests in searching for noble and eternal values.

And, yes, I link to that as someone who may have attended a Pet Shop Boys concert at the Daughters of the American Revolution’s Constitution Hall in recent years …

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