Mary Help for Healing

I had some extra exchanges (exclusive to K-Lo@Large) in my interview with Dawn Eden about her book, My Peace I Give You, which I have been sharing here. Here is another; I asked, based on the book, “How does Mary help? Did she really suffer all that much considering she knew she was pretty tight with God?” She answered:

Pope Benedict, as Cardinal Ratzinger, wrote in Daughter Zion that Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception, in conjunction with her “Yes” at the Annunciation, made her entire being a gift to God. In being a woman for God, she was able to be truly a woman for others, and she rejoiced at this. She is still rejoicing.
Did she suffer? Yes, because she chose to suffer. She chose to suffer because Christ chose to suffer, and her will was always aligned to his. Because she united her Immaculate Heart to the Sacred Heart, she merited grace for us at Calvary, and so shows us how we too can gain grace through uniting our own sufferings to those of Christ.

More from Dawn Eden on her book, and the saints:

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The main National Review Online interview, “Peace the World Cannot Give,” is here.

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