“The Lord made us, we belong to him.” It was the Responsorial Psalm a few days ago and it has stuck with me. It’s so Year of Faith, which, of course, is meant to be rooted in the Bible. It is so renewing, isn’t it, in our daily walk, in joy, mercy, and hope. What more do we need to know? That He loves us so much, He died for us, to conquer sin and death. And yet here we are sinning. Here we are, forgetting. Here we are, able to fall into His most merciful arms in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Here we are, receiving Him. Letting him sanctify our lives, each thought, each word, each deed.

  • Ted Seeber

    Memorized (and about the only thing I remember) in 1st Eucharist class in the 1970s (I was the first class at my parish to receive in the hand!):

    I belong to the family of God,
    I belong to the family of friends,
    It’s great to know, to know, that I belong.

    On the day that I was born,
    Was the day I came to be,
    I belong to Mom and Dad,
    And all My family,
    I belong.

    I forget the rest, but now I cringe at how this little liturgical abuse damaged so much of my theological beginning. It may be the reason I spent the next 20 years in the pro-choice camp.