Dems Hold Catholic Teaching ‘In Contempt’

Discussing Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput’s interview with the Catholic News Service this past week in Rome, during which he said, among other things, that abortion is a “very serious issue that requires absolute adherence on the part of Catholics,” George Weigel adds: “No single political party fully embodies the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.” He went on to say that “Catholics who are paying attention will note that one of our two great political parties holds the teaching of the Catholic Church on the life issues, on the nature of marriage, in contempt. That’s a serious problem.”

The full Archbishop Chaput interview here:

  • Nathaniel

    Why don’t people like this guy stop pretending and just outright tell people to Vote for Romney? Its not like we’re idiots and can’t see what he is saying.

    • ProLifeAtheist

      Yeah I totally agree, the choice is so clear on nearly every issue. It is like the elephant in the room.