Can I Pray for You at the Pope’s Installation Mass?

I will be at the pope’s installation mass Tuesday. Please let me know if you would like me keep your intentions in my prayers.

  • Elaine Sloan

    Yes, Kathryn. I would so appreciate that.

  • LadyBird

    Yes. Please pray for me. Thank You!

  • Charlotte

    Yes. please, for my sister and brothers.

  • Marilyn H

    Yes, please. Could you please pray for my parents’ health and for my nephew Christopher’s. vocation. I will be praying for you, as well. Thank you so much

  • Sister Edith

    Please pray for two vibrant women at the college spnsored by our community. Each was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer: Kelly, age 19 and a freshman in college, and Pam, mother of three (15, 12, 11), and their loving families, that the at they feel God’s strength carrying them on their difficult journey home to Him. Thank you.

  • nancyo

    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful offer. I would welcome prayers for my intentions.

  • Jeannine

    Yes, and thank you!

  • Thomas

    Yes, please.

  • Kristi

    Please pray for me. I am very seriously considering beginning RCIA classes after Easter. I have been a committed Christian (Protestant) for most of my life, and I am sensing that God wants me to take the next step to the Catholic faith.

  • Brett

    Yes, please! It would mean a lot to me.

  • Michele Allen

    Yes, I would appreciate your prayers for my intentions. Thanks.

  • Donna Harradine

    Please pray for our nation.

  • Ellen Kolb

    Yes, please. Safe travels to you. Thank you for remembering us in prayer.

  • prasad

    Hello Kathryn,

    thank you for your kind gesture, please offer my intentions too to become a good and holy Priest. Above all, our beloved Pope himself needs lot of our prayers that he may be firm in faith, true in Charity and rock in Tradition [the original and authentic faith handed down to us in all its sacredness by the martyrdom of thousands of men and women, and through faithful discipleship of millions], may He strengthen us in THAT faith and build us ever more ardent disciples of the Lord.

    Today is also the feast day of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI – Joseph Ratzinger. His radical decision in tune with the spirit of the Gospel shall be talked about for many centuries in future. May St. Joseph protect and guard him and bless all his future endeavors for the Church and the world.

    Thank you once again,


    A significant, and highly generous offer, and one that is particularly needed at this time for me. I would be humbled, Ms. Lopez. Your inspired analysis and erudite writing help me daily. God Bless You, and thank you for the gift you have to think of others, even as you are in smack dab in the middle of what must be an overwhelmingly inspiring and nourishing experience there in Rome. -PK

  • Jim Hoft

    What a thrill. Enjoy the history. Yes, and I will take a prayer.

  • Jarrod Swearingen

    Yes please!

  • John

    Pls pray for religous freedom around the world and in the U.S.

  • Joe Didde


  • LisaS

    Yes, for my mom here in the ER, and the little child I hear crying a few doors away from us.

  • Annie

    Yes, please pray for forgiveness for me.

  • Michael Barber

    What a wonderful offer. Yes, please! Thank you so very much!

  • pgepps

    Yes, for wisdom and energy to pursue opportunities the Lord seems to be offering as a layman in my parish. And thank you for your generosity and openness. May you know rich blessings, and may Pope Francis be every bit the Godsend we think he is!

  • Peggy

    Yes, thank you for the offer. Please pray for God’s blessings on my finances, the pending job bids to come through, and for my grandmother’s property.

  • Tam and Tony

    That would be wonderful yes thank you so much! A prayer for my fiance and I during our time of engagement. That our love will be a reflection of God’s love and for our actions and words to be a display of Jesus’ discipleship.

  • Thomas

    For the conversion to the faith of my wife’s family in India. My wife became Catholic 10 years ago and we have 3 beautiful children. Surely enjoying reading your articles etc. and feeling more apart of it all… Thanks Kathryn!

  • Anthony Tan

    Yes please. Thank you and God bless you.–Singapore

  • TJ

    Yes, and for my family. Our new pope and you will be in mine. Thank you.