Still Running the Race

Yesterday on The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM, Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley talked about remarkable resiliency of the people in Moore, Oklahoma. He talked about meeting a 94-year-old woman whose home was destroyed in the tornado this week. This was the second time he had a home destroyed in a tornado, the firs ttime was in 1999.

And yet Archbishop Coakley watched as “She reached into her pocket and pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills and she was handing them out to people.” He said: “This was a woman who, the day before, had lost her home for the second time and her response was to give, to share. This was truly the widow of ‘The Widow’s Might.’ She had nothing and yet she was giving her all.”

The woman’s name is Nancy Davis and she plans to rebuild again: “What am I going to do?” she says. “Am I going to go in a rest home? I don’t need to rest.”

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