Will We Be Among All Saints?

I’m not the only one humming “For All The Saints” today. Msgr. Charles Pope blogs about it as “[o]ne of the greatest English hymns ever written.” He writes:

It is a wide and sweeping vision of the Church Militant and the Church Triumphant. It’s imagery is regal and joyful, it’s poetry majestic and masterful. A vivid picture is painted in the mind as the wondrous words move by. If you ask me it is a masterpiece.

He beat me, because he has committed the whole thing to memory. With a hymnal, I think it’s a great prayer, a remarkable meditation.

We often just sing a verse or two of the most powerful hymns. Whenever you can, take time after Mass to keep reading.

I reflect on the hymn a little here for a little All Saints’/Souls’ weekend reading.





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