Life and Death from Phoenix

Bishop Thomas Olmsted writes in the Arizona Republic:

Every day, large numbers of innocent lives are snuffed out through abortion and euthanasia. But the execution of the guilty through the death penalty does not help to overcome a culture of death. The way we treat criminals says a lot about the value we give to every human person.

There are certainly significant differences between the taking of an innocent human life, which is intrinsically evil and can never be justified, and the use of capital punishment for a convicted murderer. Nonetheless, they are both harmful to the fabric of a culture that easily forgets that all life is a gift of God.

If Arizona were to repeal the death penalty, it would be a positive step forward in promoting a culture of life and it would benefit us by strengthening the moral tone and texture of our society.

Having said that, let us never forget to pray for all those involved with such cases: certainly for the victims of violent crimes and their families, but also for the forgiveness and conversion of criminals.

  • bill b

    He is oblivious to Romans 13:4 and Gen.9:6 and to murder victims where premeditation is extant. And he is oblivious to the current murder rates in Catholic non death penalty: Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras etc….all in the top 25 worst murder rate countries by UN figures….the last two named are worst on earth.
    China which has hundreds of millions of poor people is 20 times safer on her streets than the two largest Catholic populations…Brazil and Mexico. ProLife? Whose life?

    • fredx2

      The countries you mention have high rates of drug involvement. So its not that they have no death penalty, its that they are involved in drugs and gangs etc.
      China of course is a totalitarian state that will crack down brutally at the drop of a hat.

      • bill b

        So God was incorrect over 30 times in the Bible…giving death penalties and thinking they deterred?