Tweeting #StationsoftheCross During #Lent

Tweeting #StationsoftheCross During #Lent March 21, 2015

I wasn’t online the whole time, but it was very neat to see people from around the country and the world tweeting #Stations of the Cross during 4-6 EST on Friday.

Look, #GleeFinale still came closer to winning the week on Twitter, but I think it was good for us to be there with #StationsoftheCross.

A number of people told me they will participate next week — I’m thinking we could have a few one-hour windows? Holler with your ideas ( So here’s a reminder: Take a picture of a station or two when you’re at church this weekend, and tweet it on Friday using the #StationsoftheCross hashtag. Be sure to include the name of the Church and city/state.

Here’s some of what was tweeted this past Friday:

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