1. Pope Francis: Only the Lord can save from the scourge, and so there is need of supplication, with prayer and fasting, each confessing his sin. 2. "Let's get cracking, Lent has begun!" – Cardinal Seán O"Malley OFM Cap. homily given today during Ash Wednesday… http://t.co/UrAu7s9wsE— Archdio. of Boston (@bostoncatholic) February 18, 2015 3. @FrSteveGrunow: The practices of Lent are meant to prepare Christians for worship- to prepare the faithful to attend Mass and to do so with a renewed… Read more

1. True love hurts. 2. "What is missing in the people who think the Rosary is monotonous is love." | Sr. Lucia of Fatima | #dailyeSpiration pic.twitter.com/IK4gewkEs3— Steubenville (@go2steubenville) February 14, 2015 3. From Magnificat’s meditation today: As long as a soul that is determined to follow Jesus Christ in all things is at peace in her inmost depths, she may be quite certain that Jesus Christ is guiding and directing her. – Father Jean-Nicolas Grou, S.J. 4. One of… Read more

1. Why Dominicans love Jordan of Saxony so much. #OPPower 2. Jordan, Blessed Albert & the #DamnedDevil. 3. Speaking of Dominicans: There is a Martin Luther Playmobil selling like hotcakes. (More than 95 even?) How about a Thomas Aquinas? (Actually: I bet St. Francis would totally sell.) 4. Magnificat today quotes from Pope Benedict, from a Mass in 2006 in Munich: There is not only a physical deafness which largely cuts people off from social life; there is also a… Read more

1. It is great wisdom to be silent and to look neither at the remarks nor the deeds nor the lives of others. pic.twitter.com/0WrnMT0V3G— Steubenville (@go2steubenville) February 12, 2015 2. A video from Fr. Barron on Christianity and ethics. 3. 3 Gifts Your Catholic Valentine Would Prefer More Than Roses http://t.co/EyxIkvHaKn #uncategorized #catholicrelief— Lisa Hendey (@LisaHendey) February 12, 2015 4. “A monsignor sobbed, then silence fell: an eyewitness account of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation” 6. From G. B. Chautard in… Read more

1. This morning, Pope Francis talked about children, memory, and roots. All children are a gift and the baptized, we are all God’s children. He talked about the generosity of bigger families and warned against selfishness. Reading his meditation today from his regular weekly Wednesday audience, one is drawn to think about and pray for those who can’t have children, have lost children, both who have freely sacrificed (and especially during this ongoing year for consecrated life) and those who… Read more

1. In The Wonders of Lourdes, Pierre Marie Dumont, publisher of Magnficat, writes: Lourdes is the story of a very young girl, the poorest of the poor, illiterate, and in delicate health, who became the object of a favor from heaven; it is a child’s personal history disrupting human history; it is the path proposed to a young girl who, by setting off upon it, would remind the world of the only path that leads to the source of all… Read more

1. Maria Grizzetti: What would we do if we could choose all over again? The Christian life allows for this question to be asked and replied each waking hour of each waking day. 2. Seeing with St. Scholastica. 3. From today’s Liturgy of the Hours: From the books of Dialogues by Saint Gregory the Great, pope (Lib. 2, 33: PL 66, 194-196) Scholastica, the sister of Saint Benedict, had been consecrated to God from her earliest years. She was accustomed… Read more

1. Saint Bonaventure makes a case for reading the Bible in the Liturgy of the Hours today: The outcome or the fruit of reading holy Scripture is by no means negligible: it is the fullness of eternal happiness. For these are the books which tell us of eternal life, which were written not only that we might believe but also that we might have everlasting life. When we do live that life we shall understand fully, we shall love completely,… Read more

1. Paul Miki and the feast of true friendship. 2. Learning from a Heroic Seminarian and Martyr 3. What’s martyrdom all about? 4. From the Liturgy of the Hours, an account of the martyrdom of St. Paul Miki and his companions: Our brother, Paul Miki, saw himself standing now in the noblest pulpit he had ever filled. To his “congregation” he began by proclaiming himself a Japanese and a Jesuit. He was dying for the Gospel he preached. He gave… Read more

1. We are all sinners. We are all called to a conversion of heart.— Pope Francis (@Pontifex) February 3, 2015 2. On the feast of St. Agatha, Fr. Steve Grunow writes: Will it be said of us that while our brothers and sisters in Christ were crucified, that we were distracting ourselves with a pseudo Christianity that we created to serve our needs and that demanded little or no sacrifice and no real cross? 3. Pray a Novena for Nigerians…. Read more

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