Religious Freedom Daily

Encourage me to actually make this feature daily if it is of use to you. We should be highlighting clarifying items to family and friends throughout the day. It’s only our first freedom and all. Did you read Mark Rienzi, Catholic U professor and Becket Fund lawyer on the Catholic lawsuits yet? You can read [Read More...]

‘Our Firm Faith in God’s Word & Our Hope in His Promises’

Understandably, the “sadness” in the pope’s heart in the wake of betrayal is in the headlines today, but the nourishment from today’s audience is worth reading, too. In our continuing reflection on prayer in the letters of Saint Paul, we now consider the Apostle’s striking affirmation that Jesus Christ is God’s “Yes” to mankind and [Read More...]

Religious Freedom Daily

Everyday if everyone reading here sent one article on religious freedom to one person, shared one article on a social media site … just one small educational act, everyone here would be participating in protecting a fundamental freedom that we’re otherwise on the brink of surrendering. Here’s a brief roundup of some items around the [Read More...]

A Living Icon of Holiness


  From a bulletin this past Sunday: Pentecost, Come, Holy Spirit! —  Today we celebrate the birth of the Church, when the Holy Spirit filled the apostles with himself and transformed them from apostates into apostles and from cowards into courageous preachers and livers of the Gospel. We pray in a special way that our nation, our parish, and each [Read More...]

Memorial Day


It was the sweetest thing. A group of young children of my acquaintance went into the woods of a Virginia suburb yesterday, to pay tribute to fallen soldiers. Their “ceremony” included a backdrop of a cross they had constructed from backyardy debris, American flags, and flowers they had picked. It was very traditional in that [Read More...]

‘Sober Determination’ in Defense of Religious Freedom

I am particularly delighted that the University of Notre Dame is a party in the lawsuits being filed today in response to the Department of Health and Human Services coercive mandate. I certainly wish the federal government would not be eroding religious liberty in America, but I am tremendously grateful that Notre Dame is taking [Read More...]

Taste and See a Media Apostolate


Tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C., I will be chatting with Austen Ivereigh, co-founder of Catholic Voices, an apostolic media effort to facilitate more Catholic voices in the media — that, is Catholics who want to make the case for the Church in the public square. I have actually spent [Read More...]

re: Saying Yes on God’s Time

Or, as Archbishop Gomez puts it: As our mothers taught us how to walk, Mary teaches us how to follow Jesus. She shows us how to listen for the voice of God and to trust in his plan for our lives. Mary teaches us to always look to Jesus, and to conform our lives to [Read More...]