THE POPE AND THE POOR: You Finish the Picture

Over at his website, “Father Z” posted this picture of a new, 16-foot-high bronze statue of Blessed John Paul II.  The statue was unveiled on March 19 at Stazione Termini, Rome’s main train station. 

I don’t know the artist’s intent in creating the cavernous belly, but I imagine future generations of pilgrims posing for pictures, shielded beneath our beloved pope’s generous heart.

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I was reminded of another statue which stands outside the cathedral in Salzburg, Austria, and which I photographed on a family trip in 2000. 

A stark counterpoint to the beauty of the breathtaking “Sound of Music” mountainscape, this statue is “empty”—signifying the Invisible Poor.

  • Kevin Orlin Johnson

    It’s vacant in more ways than one, and it seems like a positive hazard at a rail station. It reminds me of a “sculpture” that The Government commissioned for the courtyard of an office building–just two curved walls of rusty steel standing a few feet apart. They had to get rid of it because locals were dragging women into its concealment to rob and rape them.

    So the Dallas Museum of Art bought it and put it up in the crime-ridden downtown area.

  • Ren

    Great way to find something positive from this piece of “art” Kathy. Sadly it is still very lacking. It looks like a decapitated head stuck on top of a cave to me…..that is all.