Corralling Corapi: Pandora’s Box?

John Corapi has released another statement.

In what has emerged as a pitiful volley of “he said-he said,” Corapi again defends himself against accusations leveled against him by his own order.  The S.O.L.T., similarly, had been defending itself against Corapi’s blunt criticisms.

There has never been any sexual impropriety, Corapi insists.  Never any paid hush money.  Never was deception intended; he was only following the studied advice of his legal team.  His financial independence, he says, was by mutual consent, since the Society of Our Lady was unable to support his ministry with its extensive travel requirements.  He has always, Corapi says, contributed generously to the order and to other charitable causes.

Oh, gosh darn, I don’t know!  Only the Mind of God could skillfully traverse all the twists and turns of this unfortunate story.  I do know this:  It’s an embarrassment to the Church and to the priesthood, and a weighty distraction to the people of God.  Many good people have benefitted from then-Father Corapi’s teachings; but that was then, and this is now.  In the here-and-now, good people are discouraged and disheartened by the challenges and charges hitting the newsstands in this unseemly saga.  Souls are led not nearer to God, but away from His perfect peace into a landscape besmet by dragons.

So today I write to you, John:  Over the past years, as “Father” Corapi, you have inspired us by your incisive analyses of contemporary culture.  You have chastened the sinner, encouraged the saint, and nudged us all along the path toward greater holiness.  But that was then, and this is now.  Please, for the sake of those who have come to rely on your words, to accept your leadership– Please Stop.  You may wish it were otherwise, but in the current situation there is nothing, NOTHING you can say that will return you to the status you enjoyed, pre-investigation and pre-dismissal.  As a lover of souls, please let your people go on without you, at least for now.

May we all come together again, revelling in Christ’s presence for all eternity.



  • Jude

    This stuff has always gone on in Church history. All types of problems.

  • Ruth Ann

    To your post I add my “Amen.”

  • Betsy

    Amen! I for one am going to stop following the saga

  • cheryl

    I had to check out of Fr. Corapi’s FB page as well. I have loved him so dearly, but I’m not about to follow him right out of the church. He is clearly a disobedient priest at this point. So sad, I’m having a hard time getting moving this morning :( I’m committed to fasting and praying for him though.

  • Dennis

    We share a lot of your sentiments about this whole sad situation. The heroic thing would have been for him to respond (early on) “I am going into seclusion and pray for my false accusers.” As it is, Corapi has set himself up as some sort of spiritual “Rambo” with a persecution complex. You just know “60 Minutes” is sharpening its ax for a big expose’ to open its new Fall season. (And why not. This story has everything: Clerical misbehavior, sex, drugs, big money, even a kind of “televangelist” syndrome.)

  • Logmion

    Has The Rock been negligent, breached its duty of care or committed crimes against god? then tell us your truthful stories of abuse and neglect and your views.

    Will whats happened to The News of the World happen to The Rock?

    At C.1:Q.96, Nostradamus foretells of an iconoclastic prophet, using refined language to continually educate, who is raised in the Last Days.

    Logmion is here and says “Bring Back Petrus Romanus”

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