Oh, Please– Tell Me It Ain't "Bo"

Oh, no.I was chuckling about the article that's gone viral these past few days, featuring the "27 Worst Nativity Sets."  Yep, they're pretty bad-- I admit!But then I saw our White House.  The People's House.  And this year, the Obama family has decorated the White House with (choose one): (a) Nativity sets from around the world (b) Flags of the nations (c) Ornaments representing each of the 57, er, 50 states. Nope.  This year, the White House is decorated completely with (d) "Bo's." That's "B … [Read more...]

Playboy Club Guilty of "Gender Discrimination"?

Poor Steve Frye.Mr. Frye paid $1,000 to be admitted to the “Leather Meets Lace” party at the Playboy Mansion, only to find—oh, I’m shocked!—that sexy ladies were admitted for free.That is just not fair, Mr. Frye thinks; it should not be only lecherous conventioneers who are subjected to entrance fees.  Such a policy, he alleges, contributes to “harmful, negative stereotypes.”  (Wait—Hasn’t he noticed that the whole Playboy culture fosters harmful, negative stereotypes?)And so he has filed s … [Read more...]

CNN Wants to See More Female Altar Servers?

Altar Boys

You’ve gotta hand it to CNN:  If nothing else, they’re consistent. Readers on my Facebook page got into a discussion one day recently about the CNN “Belief Blog.”  The general consensus was that it’s actually more of an “UN-Belief Blog”:  The point of the feature seems to be to identify a particular teaching or practice of the Catholic Church that is unpopular this week, then pontificate [an ironic word!] about why it should be changed.This week’s column by Roland S. Martin on the topic … [Read more...]