Oh, Please– Tell Me It Ain't "Bo"

Oh, no.

I was chuckling about the article that’s gone viral these past few days, featuring the27 Worst Nativity Sets.”  Yep, they’re pretty bad– I admit!

But then I saw our White House.  The People’s House.  And this year, the Obama family has decorated the White House with (choose one):

(a) Nativity sets from around the world
(b) Flags of the nations
(c) Ornaments representing each of the 57, er, 50 states.

Nope.  This year, the White House is decorated completely with

(d) “Bo’s.”

That’s “Bo” as in, the First Family’s dog.  There are Bo’s made of buttons, Bo’s made of licorice, Bo’s made of felt.  Bo’s made of trash bags. And they’re proud of them.  And they’re showing them on YouTube.

All the Obamas need now is to replace that stuffy old art in the dining room with some dogs playing poker.

Oh, no.  That is all.

  • Ken H

    how charming… :(

  • http://fabianspace.com Karina Fabian

    What? No nativity made entirely of Bo’s? What about the Face of Bo? http://www.flickr.com/photos/murky/2810801820/

    • Kathy Schiffer

      Oh my gosh, Karina, that’s the worst idea EVER!