Playboy Club Guilty of "Gender Discrimination"?

Poor Steve Frye.

Mr. Frye paid $1,000 to be admitted to the “Leather Meets Lace” party at the Playboy Mansion, only to find—oh, I’m shocked!—that sexy ladies were admitted for free.

That is just not fair, Mr. Frye thinks; it should not be only lecherous conventioneers who are subjected to entrance fees.  Such a policy, he alleges, contributes to “harmful, negative stereotypes.”  (Wait—Hasn’t he noticed that the whole Playboy culture fosters harmful, negative

And so he has filed suit against the Playboy Club alleging gender discrimination.  Apparently, Frye thinks that sexy hot babes should have to pay for the privilege of titillating drunken jocks.

Poor Mr. Frye is now subject to the additional indignity of being a laughing stock in the blogosphere, as writers bring out stockpiled bad jokes to tell the story.  On the small screen, too, Frye’s become a laughingstock:  Both TMZ and FoxNews guffawed at his expense.

And Frye has also shown himself to be a cheapskate and downright uncharitable.  When I looked up the event, I found that “Leather Meets Lace” is, in fact, a charity fundraiser.  Participants’ contributions supported Motorcycle Charity Associates, a 501( c )3 organization.  And Frye’s entrance fee of $1,000 covered the lowest, general admission ticket.  More generous participants paid $1,200, $15,000, or more for this “Once In a Lifetime Experience”—up to $100,000 for a title sponsorship.  So what’s to complain about?

Seems to me that Steve Frye is the biggest loser in this case.  Either that, or we all lose because our society encourages events like this.

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