Three Humble Mothers, Three Sons Who Changed the World

In the week leading up to Christmas, as we awaited the birth of the Christ Child in a humble stable in Bethlehem, the daily readings focused on God’s choice of three simple, unsophisticated women to be mothers whose sons would change history. Hannah, Mother of Samuel Hannah prayed to God for a son, and in humble trust, she promised that if God granted her wish she would dedicate her son to the Lord.  God heard her prayer, and Hannah gave birth to Samuel.  Hannah loved him and cared for him, but s … [Read more...]

"Faith Fatigue": Is That America's Problem, Too?

Pope Benedict XVI, in addressing the College of Cardinals and the Roman Curia today, offered a pretty sobering year-end status report about the Church in Europe.The Continent, he warned, is facing an ethical crisis which has been fueled by an economic and financial crisis.  Most importantly, Europe is facing a crisis of faith. As evidence of that faith crisis, the Pope cited the diminishing number of churchgoers and their increasing age, the decline in the number of vocations to the p … [Read more...]

A Sad Addendum to That "Smallest Baby" Story

Sometimes the news is so painful, you just don’t want to know.A few days ago, I wrote about tiny Melinda Star Guido who, at four months old, is finally healthy enough to go home for the holidays.  Melinda weighed only 9 ½ ounces at birth, and doctors really didn’t expect her to survive.  She was a fighter, though, and after successful treatment for an eye condition and surgery to repair an artery, Melinda faces a bright future. But today I read about another tiny child, Joseph Bradbury.  Jose … [Read more...]