The Worst Liturgy I’ve Ever Seen. Ever.

The Easter Bunny reads the Prayers of the Faithful.I guess I should thank the Catholic Church Conservation blog for making me aware of this preposterous liturgical abuse.  It's hard to watch, though!  Lord have mercy.! … [Read more...]

Laughing and Crying with Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Dolan

Lately I have been seen chuckling in airports, making a spectacle of myself as I struggle to suppress my mirth and my tears.That’s because I have been reading Bob Dolan’s heartwarming and humorous new book, LIFE LESSONS from my Life with my Brother, Timothy Cardinal Dolan (Tau Publishing, 2011).And Cardinal Dolan’s little brother is not afraid to spill some of the family secrets. He opens with an anecdote about the time 15-year-old Tim babysat for 8-year-old Bob while their parents went b … [Read more...]

Our Lady of Good Counsel: History of the Devotion

Our Lady of Good Counsel

Elizabeth Scalia posted a beautiful picture of Our Lady of Good Counsel on her blog today. The Anchoress asks for our prayers during a particularly busy time—and I hope you’ll join me in praying for her health and wellbeing, her effective completion of ongoing projects, and her peace of mind.Since this is the feast day of Our Lady of Good Counsel, I thought I’d show you my own photo.My Tapestry of Our Lady of Good Counsel My version is from my office wall, and it’s actually a tapestry wh … [Read more...]