Congress Sings “God Bless America”

I’m feeling nostalgic today.  It seems that there was a time when we were all Americans; and as citizens with a shared hope, we all believed in Life, in Freedom, in the strength that comes from knowing your mom and dad love you. 

At time of political crisis, we come together again—left and right, white and black, labor and management, Catholic and Protestant and atheist—to remember our common vision.  We remember that the political issues which divide us are not as important as the noble goals which unite us. 

It was like that after 9/11 when, incredulous, we watched our towers fall, when we wrestled with the fact that America is not invincible.  In our shock and our sorrow, we stopped all the political posturing, we prayed, we knew that we must all stand together. 

During this Fortnight for Freedom, let us join together in prayer for our nation—that we will never take for granted our Constitutional rights, and the precious freedoms for which our forefathers fought and died.

Thanks to friend Letitia Velasquez for pointing this out.

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