Bloggers Have a Friend in Titus Brandsma

Titus Brandsma

You know how it is in the blogosphere:  Writers there are fearless, standing alone against a government which resists the will of the people; speaking out when it seems everyone else is looking the other way.  They reach the masses with breaking news and analysis, compelling features, and sharp observations.Titus Brandsma was like that, too. When he lived and worked in The Netherlands during the 1930s and ‘40s, social media had not yet developed; what Pope John Paul II called the “digital co … [Read more...]

Maslow’s Hierarchy Revisited—Parenthood’s On Top!

Sometimes you just want to roll your eyes and say “Duh!” A team of researchers at Arizona State University, led by evolutionary psychologist Douglas Kenrick, has noticed that most people really like being parents.  Despite the challenges of child-rearing, Kenrick reported that the warmth, the love, the creativity, the sense of purpose and belonging—all of these factors and more make parenting the most enjoyable of all activities.Kenrick’s team reported this breaking news, which is just a … [Read more...]

Lord, Make Me a Banyan Tree

We lost a mighty tree in our front yard last year.  It was an ash, and yes, it was already dead—defeated by Michigan’s pernicious emerald ash borer.   When it toppled during a windstorm, it brought down the electrical wires, snapping a wooden pole, pulling the meter off our house and taking out the cable and internet in one fell swoop.  The weight of the massive trunk wrestled the roots from the damp earth, and 80 feet of bark and bole and branch sprawled across the lawn. Looking at the snarl of … [Read more...]