Thieves Target Downriver Parish–Twice

St. Cyprian Parish

Riverview is a quiet bedroom community stretched along the Detroit River, about fifteen miles south of the central city.  Catholics in the city worship at St. Cyprian Catholic Church on Pennsylvania Road near Fort Street, the major traffic ribbon which leads northward to Detroit.Last week thieves broke into the parish’s shed for the second time in a month, despite recent security enhancements including stronger locks and more lighting—stealing thousands of dollars worth of lawn and snow equi … [Read more...]

A Scriptural Trifecta in Ordinary Time

Green vestments

Wow, so let me ask you:  Were you at Mass this morning?  (Say yes, say yes…!.)Here we are, smack plop in the middle of Ordinary Time, and I can’t stop reflecting on the three GREAT readings! First, there was Joshua:  He’s called together delegates from all the tribes of Israel.  He wants to know, where are their loyalties?  Whom will they serve?  The gods of the Amorites, in whose land they are now living?  Or will they serve the God of the Israelites, the one true God? He tells them … [Read more...]

Al Kresta’s Analysis of This Whole “Al Smith Dinner” Thing

Al Kresta

I invited Al Kresta, CEO of Ave Maria Radio and host of the nationally-syndicated "Kresta In The Afternoon," to comment regarding the controversy that's been swirling around Cardinal Dolan's invitation to President Obama to participate in the Al Smith Dinner.I knew I could count on Al to deliver a poignant response, well considered and well expressed.  What follows is a first for me:  A guest post by Al Kresta! … [Read more...]