OK, So What Is This?

I posted this over on Facebook and got lots of guesses.  People thought it might be:

    • A Missionary Priest’s Kit
    • A Vampire Slayer Kit
    • A Display Kit for a Traveling Salesman
    • A Blessing Kit for a Duel
    • An Exorcist’s Kit

I have no idea.  It’s so cool, though, that I’d love to find this under my Christmas tree!

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  • John Ritter

    It is a vampire hunting kit, and I’m pretty sure I knew the guy that made it.

  • moseynon

    An auction house had this item listed in early 2012. What little the description says about its origin seems to be a guess. But the items does seem intended to represent a vampire hunter’s kit.

    The following link has a total of ten photos of the kit, showing its exterior and interior (once the tray is removed.)