Hate the mall? Wacky Gifts That Are Sure to Surprise

Do you hate shoving your way through crowds at the mall to find the perfect gift?  Do you tire of buying warm sweaters, exotic coffee, jewelry, and wish that you could find something truly unique for that special someone?

Now I’m not sayin’ you should really snap these things up—but I got a chuckle finding them, so here you go.

For the kid who seems heading toward a career in construction, or for the kid-at-heart who loves to hunt: A taxidermy deer Lego kit

For the woman who’s always late: A backwards clock

For the person who loves games– a Card Table made with real cards.

For that crazy uncle who’s always sticking his foot in his mouth: Freudian slippers.

Watch this space for more Christmas gift ideas.

And remember:  Jesus is the Reason for the Season!