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  • Dave Smith

    Unfortunately, major problems still exist.
    Individual diocese are in compliance on how grants are to be distributed to specific organizations. However, some diocese are not in compliance. The sad part is only 25% of the collection goes to a ‘compliant’ diocese where the collection occurs. 75% goes to the communal pot, which is distributed outside the diocese collected. A ‘two mouse click’ research can show where 2011-12 collection grants went to organizations contrary to church doctrine and teaching. If you search reformCCHD now, click on the drop down menu for report on grantees, 2011-12 grants, you will discover greatly detailed .pdf files of violations.
    While we appreciate Kathy’s optimistic pre-CCHD collection pep rally, we aren’t there yet. Please pray for the high leadership in the USCCB that they truly reform CCHD.
    The title of this article is frightfully reminiscent of a 2008 political slogan whose candidate is no friend of catholic doctrine.

    • Joey

      The CCHD has reformed itself cmpletely and is now operating as a Catholic organization with no funds going to any organization which is at odds with the Church (applause). By the way would you like to buy my ocean – front home in Arizona?

  • Rey

    There are still MANY, MANY problematic organizations deceiving the bishops in Chicago & across the nation. I can assure anyone of that & here’s more proof. http://www.reformcchdnow.com

  • Geo

    I am curious about the frantic, nearly breathless tone of this defense of the CCHD. I’m still not convinced.

    • Ben

      Last year it was Omar Gutierrez at CatholicVote with the CCHD rah-rah. Maybe there’s a PR campaign at CCHD that recruits Catholic Bloggers to say nice things about them around this time of year?



  • Jim

    Nothing has changed at the CCHD. There is no stopping the professional ‘do-gooders’ from doing-evil. The whole process reaks of the stench of hell against the very holy concepts outlayed in Holy Father’s enyclical.

    The poor bishops are being blindsided by the devils in the social engineering workshop. I know for a fact that my diocese gave $35,000 last to print Planned Parenthood brochures. And, from all appearances it will happen again this year once again.

    Why would we expect anything less, when the woman running the CCHD show also works for President Obama?

  • Ben

    There are two issues I have with CCHD: When the problems were highlighted, the Bishop in charge went on the offensive and in an earlier age might have excommunicated all the critics of CCHD for daring to question their motives. Then, almost the next day, CCHD announced that it was going to reform itself. Why, if there’s no problem? Then, wouldn’t you know it, they went and funded anti-Catholic organizations again! So they set about reforming themselves again and Bishop Soto was brought in to clean things up. As a Catholic, I believe in redemption and forgiveness, but I also believe that contrition is necessary. This “We didn’t do anything wrong and we won’t do it again” doesn’t sound like contrition.

    My second concern is that they fund primarily community organizers, like ACORN. I recognize that community organization is important in some cases, but I’m skeptical that in all times and all places and all circumstances, community organization is the answer. It defies the odds. Whether you live in New York NY, Miami FL, Norman OK or Bend OR, the IAF is the answer to all your problems. I think I read someplace that CCHD grew out of a Chicago archdiocesan program that was basically set up to fund Alinsky’s efforts, so perhaps that’s not a surprise (if that’s true, I haven’t been able to confirm that).

    On the other hand, I think CCHD handled the situation in Boston correctly with the gay-rights group that turned down their money, so maybe there are signs of life. But for the other reasons above (institutional arrogance and a monomania for community organziation) I can’t support them.

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  • http://bigpulpit.com/ Tito Edwards

    CCHD still has many problems.

    On top of their many inherent problems, why do we fund non-Catholic organizations when there are many Catholic organizations that really need financial assistance?

    If, a big if, if they want to keep CCHD, the bishops first need stop defending the indefensible and insult our intelligence that CCHD is “good” and “clean”. The bishops have lost a lot of trust when faced with glaring facts of CCHD funding pro-homosexual “marriage” organizations and then call those Catholics that actually practice their faith liars.

    This has got to stop, now.

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  • Joe

    There has been no change in the board membership. The same people who supported nefarious causes before someone public outcry are still in place. So, if they thought it was acceptable before, what has changed about them?

    So, how is that winning back people’s trust? The name and the tone of this mega-charity doesn’t sit well with Catholics who are trying to be faithful to Christ and His Church. There is plenty of talk about restorative justice, what about with this organization? Maybe some act of reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary might be a noble act in light of the nature of the scandal that took place. That would be a step in the right direction.

  • Micha Elyi

    CCHD raises money fraudulently. It relies on the average Catholic mass-goer’s false impression that CCHD is another arm of the Church’s nationally organized charity work like Catholic Charities or Catholic Relief Services. The truth is that CCHD is the bishop’s plaything for dabbling in left-wing politics and Obama-esque “community organizing”.

    CCHD should have been abolished. I am deeply disappointed that Bishop Soto, who seems more interested in inviting to America more illegal immigrants than in catechizing the Hispanic population already in his diocese, is connected with promoting the ongoing CCHD fraud.

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  • http://Patheos Shirley J. Schultz

    Not one penny from me. The American Life League (ALL) has information that proves there are still shenanigans going on with CCHD.


    The CCHD sounds like our president, if you repeat a lie long enough, people will begin to beleive it. I am familiar with the Militant Catholic blog that outlines the “indescretions” of the receipients of the CCHD money. The only thing that has changed in the CCHD is the tact to sell the ideas to the parishoners in the pews.
    Wasn’t the CCHD created in part by Sal Alinsky and sympathisers in our church to get church donated money out to socialist and communist organozations, to support an agenda other than the church’s?

    The bishops need to forcfully pull back the reigns on this group and other catholic groups that flaunt their non catholic agendas while pocketing donations our Catholic institutions.

  • Mariann G.

    This is terrible! Close CCHD, please. With all of these boards and positions, are they all receiving a salary? If so, please close CCHD, now. We know its beginnings and it should never have come this far. Here’s what I said to Kathy S. a few minutes ago that is currently being “moderated.”

    This is so incredibly sad. The CCHD needs to close down. It was never supposed to go this many years. It has remained too long with too many cases of funding those opposed to Catholic Truth. Monies should be staying in the diocese. Why would it be so wrong to assist those we know are our neighbors. Too much money going to national who has been irresponsible. I am sorry, but your explanations are horrible…here’s one…
    ” Ralph McCloud, also a male.
    I’m not sure, but I think the commenter was probably referring to Alexia K. Kelley, an Obama policy advisor with connections to abortion-supporting politicians and a controversial advocacy group. The only thing is, Kelley has just been named president and CEO of FADICA (Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities), and has no role at the CCHD.”
    The comments have been about both of these people you mention…both. And now we’re all supposed to feel at ease because they’re shuffling Alexia Kelley to yet ANOTHER Catholic organization?????? Oh my! Please give us some credit. This is horrible. She should be given her walking papers and never should be president and CEO of any part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Who, may I ask appointed her to this new position? Close all of these orgs…please dear God, instead of churches. It is time our Bishops step up, defend the faith and the faithful! Purge our Church of those who are in opposition to Church teaching (whether it be Bishops, Priests, Religious, or lay persons). Stand up for Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Catholic Church! Amen.

    • Kathy Schiffer

      You’re kidding, right? No, the boards do not receive a salary. I’m not even sure whether they receive remuneration for their airfare.

      I’m sorry to bear down on you, when I think ALL of these comments are horrid. Let me assure you: Your bishop has sinned and has made mistakes. So have we all. But the disrespect—no, the disdain—that’s become apparent on this thread makes me sick. These are the people Christ has chosen to lead his Church. Pray for them. Instead of holding the banner for those who would break down the Church, say a Rosary for them. They are trying to do God’s work on your behalf. A lot of what you’ve been reading is trash.

      • http://www.reformcchdnow.com Michael

        I have received many calls from people upset with the bishops for continuing to fund the CCHD, and my first question to them is always, “Have you fasted and prayed for you bishop?” The bishops can only act with the graces afforded to them, and owed to them by their flock. If we aren’t doing out part for them, we can’t expect them to lead us as they ought.

        That being said, I do hope that your reference to things people have been reading as “trash” was not directed to my report at http://www.reformcchdnow.com. I have documented everything with digital copies of original source documents, including links to the documents themselves, proving that 74 CCHD grantees are in violation of CCHD guidelines and Catholic moral teaching.

        If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this report, I am more than happy to talk to you about them. You can get my contact info off the Reform CCHD Now website.

        God Bless,

  • Stilbelieve

    “Before our eyes today, immigrants are exploited, the criminal justice system sucks our youth into its steely and broken logic, labor is weakened, families are torn apart by poverty and children bear the consequences, women without hope are tempted to abortion, homes are foreclosed, pensions robbed, the poor are denied access to credit and our natural resources are exploited. This is real poverty,” Bishop Soto said on the need for the new national focus.

    These are not the words of a reformer. They are the cries of a life long liberal, Catholic supporter in name and votes to the pro-abortion, same-sex supporting, Democrat Party. This bishop is a proud supporter of the Democrat Party that “is doing God’s work” according the pro-abortion, Catholic Democrat Senator Durbin of Illinois and 2nd in command in the U.S. Senate, by helping the poor with our confiscated tax dollars. I can’t find anywhere in the Gospels where Jesus directed us to get government to take care of the poor. The only people they are helping are themselves with the help of half those who identify themselves as Catholics. And 42 percent of those who attend church weekly voted to give the pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, pro-attack the Church and the First Amendment to the Constitution, Barrack Obama, another term as President. And Bishop Soto probably voted for him. If he has anything to do with CCHD you can bet nothing has changed in that operation.

  • commenter

    The article refers to any disagreement with the CCHD as “attacks” and “dire warnings”. It applauds the latest process to reform the CCHD. The article doesn’t mention the several prior revampings, each one designed to tighten accountability, and protect Catholic teaching, and that the prior reforms failed.
    In my diocese, the collection is promoted as “the Church working with the poor”. Actually money is sent to agencies which are mostly funded by other sources, like the government. Agencies see the CCHD guidelines, but are far more influenced by their major funders’ guidelines. There’s no contact between the Church and the poor.

    Causes supported by the CCHD have many other supporters (unions, government, the media, foundations), and little real opposition. There are other causes, like marriage, pro life, religious liberty, that have few non Catholic supporters, and enormous opposition. Let’s replace the national collection for CCHD with a collection for religious liberty. Anyone who wants, send a check to the CCHD, or its recipient agencies.

  • minbee

    Please look at the sources commenters have provided for their views of the un-Catholic disbursements of the CCHD. This has been going on for decades. The “Campaign for Human Development” was renamed the “Catholic Campaign for Human Development” after documented criticisms that funds were being diverted to pro-abortion, anti-Catholic groups with misleading names (e.g.,1988, see http://www.wandererforum.org/publications/focus026.html8). One such group was the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose founder is a student of Saul Alinsky. Dorothy Day, who called herself an ‘ex-Communist,” “agitator,” and “propagandist” (see the blog “Dorothy Day Another Way” for references), wrote in the May 1963 “Catholic Worker” that she had met Alinsky as a a guest of Monsignor John J. Egan of Chicago, and she praised Alinsky and his book “Reveille for Radicals.” The Archdiocese of New York recently had a scandal when the conviction of a clerk employed by the Archdiocese revealed that she had managed to embezzle $1 million over several years before someone discovered it! In light of such lax oversight, it might be wise to take claims that the CCHD is now on the straight and narrow with a grain of salt and to look at the resources your commenters cite. As for the claim that the CCHD is receiving more money this year than last, my pastor has not posted the CCHD collection results for several years. I now give to the poor directly or through donations to my parish food pantry.

  • minbee

    The reference to Saul Alinsky is in the May 1966 “Catholic Worker”; sorry for the typo.