Faith Comes by Hearing…. And Catholic Radio Can Help With That

Today, bloggers and others are flooding Facebook, Twitter and other social media with articles about Hermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist who is on trial for operations at his abortion clinic, which has been called a “house of horrors.” Where, they ask, is the coverage in the mainstream media?

If you are discouraged by the biased reporting of many mainstream media outlets, Catholic radio can help with that.  Every week I hear stories about lives changed, vocations awakened, and ordinary folks who have come to faith (or returned to faith) through the influence of Catholic radio.

This should be no surprise, when you think about it.  The average Catholic in the pew hears a homily of perhaps fifteen minutes per week; but Catholic radio is there 24/7—teaching, discussing, debating, praying, enriching the lives of people across America.

Ave Maria Radio, based here in southeastern Michigan, provides more original programming than any other network, with 50+ hours each week of locally produced shows which are then made available to stations across the country, on Sirius satellite radio, and on-line at  This week, those of us at Ave Maria have been engaged in a fund drive to continue and expand our operations—reaching out to offer new programming, conferences and educational programs, and now, art and cultural opportunities.  In our work, we stand beside busy bishops and priests, helping to guide souls to a deeper relationship with Christ.  As Ave Maria Communications CEO and host Al Kresta has said, we want to be there “at the intersection of faith and culture.”

It’s been a busy week, with regular programming interrupted for the station’s semiannual pledge drive.  My attention has been diverted from some really important stories, and I hope to catch up over the weekend.  Things are winding down, though; the drive will end at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and we’ll go forward—keeping you informed, offering the best in Catholic programming.

Ave Maria Radio’s CEO and host Al Kresta has an important message for all out there in Catholic America and for all people of faith.

Dear Ave Maria Radio friends….

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” (Rom. 10:17)

What we have been hearing this week has definitely bolstered our faith. We are in our Spring membership drive and what a week we’ve been having at Ave Maria Radio. God has blessed us with many generous members of the Ave Maria Radio family making pledges this week.

We are filled with hope. But we are also facing great challenges. I’ll keep it short. As I write, we still have to raise around $73,000 dollars before our drive ends tonight, Friday, at 7 pm EST. We started the day needing $130,000 so you can see the progress we have made together. This goal is not an extravagant wish list – it is our budget. It’s what is necessary. It seems daunting, but with God, all things are possible. But we need YOUR help. Please call or go online and partner with us in spreading the word of Christ and His Church.

In Him,

Al Kresta

If you can help with this important mission of the New Evangelization, call 877-288-1077 or go to 


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