Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness: Martha, Mary and Me

Here’s what I’m thinking: 

There’s way too much “Mary” in the mix at my house, and it’s time to start factoring in a little “Martha.”

I’ve been spending a lot of time writing and reading and thinking.

There’s some doing that needs to get done.

I know that Jesus likes me to spend time with Him in contemplation.  I’m pretty sure He also likes it, though, when I fulfill my obligations to others:  to my husband (with a warm dinner), to my neighbors (with a weed-free garden), to the wider community (with a house that’s ready to throw open the doors to the world).

So, I need to get busy.

This painting, In the House of Martha and Mary, is by contemporary American artist Eileen Kennedy.


  • Manny

    LOL, women so identify with the Mary/Martha reading. Every time it comes up as a reading I see posts all over on it. Do men have a similar identification? Perhaps the prodigal son parable.

  • Dale

    I love the painting! It is so nice to see the Martha/Mary story brought into our contemporary life.

    If any cat rested peacefully in the same room in which a vacuum cleaner was running, it would be a miracle worthy of the Bible! :-)