FATHER Z IS WRONG: It’s Christ Cathedral, Not St. Callistus

Getting a lot of play in the blogosphere today:  Father Z’s report that the former Crystal Cathedral has been renamed “St. Callistus.”

Father Z has the inside track on a lot of Catholic news—but, uh, not this time.

Actually, the Cathedral—once the renovation is complete and it’s converted to a Catholic worship space—will be called “Christ Cathedral.”  The new name was announced in June 2012, after a contest to select the best name for the towering glass church.

St. Callistus, on the other hand, is the shuttered neighboring church which will, as part of the sale agreement, be leased to the Christian community who once worshipped at the former Crystal Cathedral.  According to the agreement, the property of the former St. Callistus will be made available rent-free for the first year, after which the struggling community will pay rent for use of the building, which is owned by the Diocese of Orange.

I wrote about it last year, when the new name was announced by Bishop Tod Brown.  Read more about how the new name was selected here.

And read my interview with the attorney who brokered the sale here.



  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    I was on a business trip in the area in May and stopped by the Cathedral not realizing it hadn’t transitioned over to Catholic yet. The protestants there were very kind and let me look around. I even blogged about it here:


    From what I remember of the deal, the Catholic Church was required to have Christ in the name as part of the transaction.

  • SusanL

    I attended that church once over 20 years ago (before I was Catholic). I went to a “Women’s Conference on Possibility Thinking.” Rev. Schuller was wonderful and very gracious. I had a beautiful experience there. As a Catholic convert, I am so thrilled to see this Cathedral also converted Catholic. Praise be to God.

  • Kelly Mason McClintock

    I visited the Crystal Cathedral for services years ago, I remember they had a 24X7 prayer Chapel (perfect for Adoration!) and many beautiful religious statues on the grounds. I think it will make a lovely Catholic Cathedral! Hope they ixnay the liturgical dancers and have parishioners who dress like they are going to Mass instead of to a picnic….

  • Simon D

    I think you’ve misread him, Kathy. The story on which he’s commenting talks about both Christ Cathedral and St. Callistus Church—and the tense and terminology of his comment make it much more likely that he’s talking about the latter than the former.

  • retiredladyann

    Thanks for the correction on the name of our Cathedral. Hopefully it will be another tool for evangelization. Millions from around the world have visit the former Crystal Cathedral, and it is expected millions will continue to come and learn what the Catholic Faith is all about. Parishes in the diocese of Orange have been booking tours (our pastor even hired a bus for us…) so that all of us can visit. Yes, it costs a ton of money, but the “new” cathedral planned by former Bishop Todd Brown was going to cost at least twice as much. Years ago when I taught at St. Callistus school some of my students assumed that the Crystal Cathedral was our diocesan Cathedral…who would have ever guessed…

  • somnipod

    Father Z may have been mistaken on specifics but he’s oh-so right on the main point. Nothing about these new-wave, space-station protestant looking buildings is Catholic. His statement of ,”save the liturgy, save the world” is spot on. I bet that UGLY building has no high altar (but instead, a supper table). Id put money on it the tabernacle is off to the side, because we don’t want to focus on the sacrifice. The death of the Church in the west is due to the “self worship” of the liturgy. Ad Father Z says, “reason #15 ,567 for summorum pontificum”