Pope St. Pius X: Humility and Determination

Pope Pius X 001

I was young—very young!—but I still remember the canonization of Pope Pius X.  It was in 1954, the year I made my First Communion; and he was a strong proponent of frequent Holy Communion, especially for children.  I am certain that it was the first time I’d ever heard that very big word, “canonization”—and it stuck in my head and in my heart.  A pope, I remember thinking, must be a very holy man.On August 21, the Church commemorates the gentle pontiff whose last will and testament revealed a … [Read more...]

Fact-Checking the Crucified-Chicken Lady


Austrian artist Deborah Sengl has unveiled a new creation:  a crucified chicken.  The work will be on display in a deconsecrated church, now the city museum of Wiener Neustadt, in Lower Austria.  Since 1966 the late Gothic monastery church, which originated in 1444 as St. Peter on the Barrier Catholic Church, has been home to art exhibitions.Don’t worry, though, Sengl says.  This new work is not intended to offend people of faith.  Rather, according to the artist, it is a criticism of cruelt … [Read more...]

You’ve Depended on Catholic Answers; Now, They’re Depending on You

Jimmy Akin

It was circa 2001, I was working with Al Kresta, he was guest hosting on Catholic Answers Live—and it was my privilege to answer calls for the most popular nationally syndicated Catholic show on the airwaves.  Ten minutes before showtime, the phones lit up—ALL the lines—and it stayed that way for the duration of the two-hour show.  Within seconds after one call ended, the next hopeful caller would be on the line, waiting to pose a question for the show’s host and expert guest.Have I mentioned … [Read more...]