Biden, Foot, Mouth. Again.

Vice President Joe Biden has been name-dropping—in a big way.

Attending Democratic Senator Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry in Iowa this afternoon, he mentioned his good buddy “Tommy More, as we Catholics say.”

That’s “St. Thomas More” to the rest of us.  Catholics over on Twitter didn’t think it was funny, and wasted no time in reminding him that No, we don’t say that.


It goes on and on. Catholics on the Internet want to stop that rumor in its tracks: NO, we are not so cavalier and personal with those who have gone before us, and who stand at the foot of God.

Here he is:  British statesman, lawyer, author.   Councillor to King Henry VIII, Lord Chancellor of England.  Opponent of the Protestant Reformation.  Martyr.

Known to Roman Catholics since 1935 as “St. Thomas More.”



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  • AnneG

    Just a heart beat away and now he wants to be president!

    • Manny

      Scary isn’t it. 😉

  • Baltimore Catechesis

    Joe Biden seems to be more of a “Tommy Cranmer” hinda guy, if you get my drift.

    • Baltimore Catechesis

      Actually, I meant “Tommy Cromwell” but Cranmer would do as well.

  • Manny

    Please, please, please Lord, let Joe Biden win the Democratic nomination. Not only would he provide endless laughter, I think he’s about as easy to beat as anyone. 😉