Eye Candy From the Vatican!

Coming soon:  The Vatican Pictures 2014 Calendar!

Faithful Catholics, art aficionados and the curious will be lining up to order this new photo calendar which captures the historic significance and the ineffable beauty of the Vatican.

The developers are waiting for final printing quotes, and are just about to launch a Kickstarter to fund production of the calendar.   According to their new Facebook page, they are using the Kickstarter site because it allows them to print only as many calendars as are ordered.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of their fantastic photos!   (Click on image to enlarge.)

  • laarni garcia omingo

    Can I please have one?:)

  • jesspinosa

    I can almost anticipate comments from Vatican haters – sell the treasures and give to the poor! Let them talk, all these treasures are for the glory and honor of our God who deserves the best.

    • Lobi

      I have never actually heard that the Vatican should sell their treasures from someone who has sold their own treasures – so meh to those people.