A Happy Ending to USF “Priest=Toilet” Controversy

A few days ago, I told you the story of an anti-religious incident at the University of South Florida, in which a professor had equated priests with excrement.  I had contacted the professor, Dr. Timothy Weil, for comment; but instead, I received a response from his dean, Dr. Julianne Serovich.  The case was being reviewed, she assured me, and a response would be sent to the Catholic League.

I expected the usual “academic-freedom-blah-blah” sort of statement to be issued by USF.  I expected a back-slapping, eye-rolling, wink-wink, “keep-an-open-mind”, “oh-those-crazed-fundamentalists” sort of back story, as the university did damage control and moved on.

I’m happy to report that there is a much happier ending to the story than what I had expected:  The Tampa Bay Times reports that Timothy Weil has been reprimanded by university officials.  According to the Tampa Bay Times:

On Wednesday, the dean of the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences wrote Timothy Weil a two-page “letter of counseling.” Weil, a practicum coordinator, will also be issuing an apology, dean Julianne Serovich said.

Read the rest of the article here.

Anyway, we move on.  The case is closed.


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