Exhausted Boyfriend Kills Himself Rather Than Going Into Another Shoe Store

Crowds look down after a tired, distraught shopper flings himself over the railing to his death

He said:  You have more shoes than you could wear in a lifetime.  It’s pointless buying any more.

She said:  You’re a skinflint.  You’re spoiling Christmas.

And with that, 38-year-old Tao Hsiao rallied his strength one more time—tossing his heavy packages to the floor, hoisting himself over the railing, and jumping seven stories to his death.

    *     *     *     *     *

Emergency crew removes the body of mall suicide victim

You may have seen reports of the story, which took place earlier in December in an east China shopping mall.

The couple had been shopping for more than five hours, and Tao Hsiao felt he just didn’t need one more thing, couldn’t carry one more thing, couldn’t shop for one more thing.  He and his girlfriend were heard arguing loudly before he just chucked it and flung himself over the railing and into eternity.

The un-named girlfriend, in her materialistic quest for more and still more stuff, has lost a man she may have loved.  She lost any chance of having a peaceful, joy-filled holiday season.  Their last words to one another, shouted in anger, will remain in her heart for life.  Chances are, she’s experienced a good measure of guilt.

The holidays don’t always bring out the best in people. 


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  • Most men get themselves another girlfriend.

    • Dan Skelley

      Never happened the source if a UK tabloid

  • Isabel H

    He should have left her and the bags at the mall and walked off. I am wondering why he felt obligated to stay with her all the time she was shopping.