Religious life isn’t all prayer and penitence–sisters have fun, too!  This sister seems to be having a really good time!

So I thought we’d have a Caption Contest.  Post your suggestions in the Comments selection.  Nothing off-color, please–just good, clean fun!

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  • Kelly Thatcher

    Sister “I know how to get around this discalced thing” Mary

  • Sr. Kahuna

  • DAN

    St.Holy Roller

  • “Next time I go to Fr. Geraldo for confession I’m going to ask for a more traditional penance.”

  • Ellen E. Reddick

    I know you can’t get to Heaven on roller skates, but they didn’t mention this thing.

  • Ellen E. Reddick

    Sr. “I’ll make SURE I get to chapel on time.”

  • Ellen E. Reddick

    Sister Balancing Act

  • Dennis Klinzing Sr.

    Economic transportation.

  • jesspinosa

    Sister Blessilda!

  • Mary-Pat Sherman

    Sister “Almost Flying”

  • Donald P Malin

    Hang ten! (Hail Mary’s, 1 Glory Be and 1 Our Father)

  • John Fisher

    She has the why factor! Why? “I am big, I am fat, I will never be deflated!”… Sister Wideload.

  • drmrs

    Sister “Wind Breaker,” Gov. Chris Christie needs you to direct traffic on the George Washington Bridge! drmrs 1/28/2014