Faith With Legs: Father Cormier’s Book Offers Hope and Help for the Hurting Heart

I just finished reading one of the most practical, helpful guides to the spiritual life for ordinary folks.  It made me think of a special place, a unique bookstore in my community called Faith@Work.  More than simply a bookstore, Faith@Work is a wonderful place where head knowledge about the Catholic faith is integrated with social action, with charitable giving, with volunteer work.  Proceeds from the shop’s book sales benefit charitable causes such as a home for expectant mothers.  In short, the store demonstrates “Faith With Legs.”

I thought of that as I was reading Fr. Robert Cormier’s Better Than We Believed: How to Apply the Vision That is Faith to the Struggle That is Life.  Whatever problems you are facing—anger, stress, betrayal, resentment, grief, fear—Father Cormier knows someone just like you, and shows how that person was able to find peace, purpose and joy, even in a difficult situation.

Some of the stories will affect us all in some way, familiar stories we’ve seen played out in our families, among our friends, or sometimes in our own personal struggles:  John’s struggle to forgive; Phil, who drinks too much; Brian, who suffers from depression.

Some of the stories are especially hard, leaving the reader with an aching heart:  Catherine, who lost a son to suicide; James, who knows that he is dying.

But in every story, there is redemption, healing, and an acceptance of God’s love.  This little book, Better Than We Believed, is well worth reading, and well worth sharing with a friend in need.

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Better Than We Believed is a feature of the Patheos Book Club.  Click here to read more about the book, the author, and others’ reviews and opinions.  

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