Planned Parenthood Celebrates Valentine’s Day with… a Condom Dress?

Planned Parenthood’s “Condom Dress”

Planned Parenthood never ceases to amaze.

The abortion organization held “Ready or Hot”, a Valentine’s Day fundraiser, on  Thursday evening, February 6, in downtown Minneapolis.  Their goal was to raise money for “an excellent cause.”

This is how Planned Parenthood’s website described the event, which was held at Aria, an event venue in Minneapolis’ trendy Warehouse District:

Ready or Hot: Fashion Meets Passion for Planned Parenthood is a celebration of love, reproductive health and fashion just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s a fundraiser, cleverly disguised as a dance party and fashion show, with the evening’s centerpiece a catwalk by some of Planned Parenthood’s coolest cats and kittens.

Men and women you know and love, strutting their stuff for the most excellent cause. It’s a randy little Runway Show featuring the va va voom of the Valentine Season — whether you’re going out or staying in, this is what’s sizzlin’.

Besides the sleazy condom dress, attendees at the dance party and fashion show were treated to a model named “Queenie Von Curves.”  Oh–and there was a photo booth, a “Cupid’s Silent Auction,” and a basket of condom wallets for guests.



  • Rebecca Fuentes

    It amazes me how lacking in class abortion advocates are.

    • Mike S.

      The one best ways to have sex and not have untended conception is to where a condom. In no way does this advocate abortion. I support reproductive education and contraceptives. I am also a loving father of two great kids. If I were and advocate of abortion I would be a sad old man.

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        I was thinking specifically of Planned parenthood and their supporters. PP performs and profits from abortions and, yes, advocates for them.

      • brian tracy

        Mike , normally I’d say you were 80% right as condoms when used consistently and properly “ONLY” result in a 20% pregnancy rate in one years time… and that’s in a controlled study with married people… Klanned Parenthood gives away condoms that are very much substandard in hopes that your child becomes pregnant… Don’t believe me ? believe Consumer reports … couple disastrously poor quality condoms and marketing to excited teens who will not use them correctly in the first place and you begin to see their true intentions.

  • Manny

    Pure sleaze. What else would one expect.

  • Sylvia Robles

    And the stupidity continues

  • Susan Fox

    We wrote a spoof on this for Valentine’s Day, but we didn’t realize it was real. We thought we were making it up! “For the Obama Lady, a new product from SMOKE & MIRRORS just in time for Valentine’s Day!”

  • ScottinVA

    Yet, whenever a state government wants to cut funding for this demented organization, the courts intervene on behalf of PP. Another example of your tax dollars at work.