Priest, Prophet, King: Fr. Robert Barron’s Newest Teaching Series

Father Robert Barron

Father Robert Barron, whose excellent book and breathtaking video series Catholicism earned raves when it was introduced three years ago, has a new film and study series ready for use in your parish.  I reviewed Catholicism for Patheos back in 2011, before I was a regular blogger on the site.

Today, Word on Fire Ministries has released the video trailer for a new, six-part film and study program, Priest, Prophet King.  This new series, filmed in high-definition at Mundelein Seminary,  combines the videographic creativity of Spirit Juice Studios with the timeless wisdom of the gospel, as told by Father Robert Barron.

In Priest, Prophet King, you’ll discover Jesus as the Anointed One–the ultimate priest, prophet and king foreshadowed throughout the Hebrew Scriptures.  Using biblical insights and engaging stories, Father Barron affirms that we see Jesus most clearly through the lens of the Old Testament.

And, as he explains, the better we understand Jesus, the better we understand ourselves. 

Priest, Prophet, King will be available for parish use in September 2014.  Take a minute now to watch the engaging video.  And sign up at the Word on Fire website to receive information about the program as it becomes available.

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  • Mack

    “Words on Fire Ministries.” I’m from the rural South (“Yeh, I seen me a Cath’lic once; they had it in a cage at the fair.”), and a phrase such as “Words on Fire Ministries” comes across in context as barely short of snake-handling and 503C-handling. What is this all about?

    • kathyschiffer

      Mack, Father Robert Barron at Word on Fire is “doing” the New Evangelization that everyone is talking about. His videos, his books and his brief YouTube videos are first-rate. You want to know about it? Learn firsthand: For starters, go to YouTube and google his name.

  • Rick

    I’m from California and am Episcopalian. I can tell you from watching numerous videos by Father Barron and being a regular reader of Word of Fire, he is one of the most articulate, logical, inspiring and gifted messengers of the word of God in our modern day. It’s a far cry from snake-handling.