Seattle Archdiocese Database Is Hacked; Up to 90,000 Affected

The Archdiocese of Seattle has issued an urgent warning after hackers hit one of its databases, stealing confidential information regarding up to 90,0000 employees and volunteers at parishes, schools and agencies throughout the archdiocese.

The hackers have used personal information, including names and Social Security numbers, to file fax tax returns.  Already more than a dozen victims in the Chancery office and parish offices have learned that fraudulent tax returns were filed in their names; it is not yet known whether the thieves have been successful in getting any returns.

The FBI and IRS are investigating.  The archdiocese, upon learning of the security breach on Tuesday, March 10, immediately sent out letters to all potential victims.  They have also hired a security firm to assist with the investigation.

Following the security breach, archdiocesan communications director Greg Magnoni is encouraging all employees and volunteers to call the IRS or to go on-line to check their tax returns.  Identity theft victims are advised to contact the IRS’s Identity Protection Specialized Unit and report the theft to the Federal Trade Commission.

If you think your information may have been compromised, contact the IRS by phone at 1.800.829.1040 or go online to


  • M. J. Fields

    I was a victim of tax fraud and never got any letter from the Archdiocese or from our local parish. I found out from my other volunteer friends who were all victims as well. They found out when the IRS sent them a letter that their tax return was missing information. They called the IRS and were told of they had not yet filed. That’s when our volunteer friends called me, and I found out and that was the first week of April! We are on email with our parish, they send out messages every week. I did not even know I was involved. So, to check, I called the IRS and was told I had already filed, even though I had not. Do you think SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, the Archdiocese and/or our local parish could have told us we were victims sooner? What’s more the IRS agent I talked to said they don’t even reconcile the W2 information before they send out a refund. WHAT?? Yes, seriously, they don’t. So, the fraudulent filers make up W2 information, and the IRS has NO WAY of knowing if it is accurate during the early filing months!! Billions of our tax dollars have been spent paying these fraudulent refund claims, and the criminals are living high off the hog on our government. THIS IS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!