Moms, Dads, Kids, Singles, Everyone…This Movie’s For You

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

Back in January, I reported my first impressions of the movie Moms’ Night Out, after my set visit on location in Birmingham.

Before that, in December, I wrote about my earlier interview with Patricia Heaton, who starred in the film but was also co-producer with her husband David Hunt.

I told you about Moms’ Night Out‘s sheer wackiness, its humor and pathos.  I called it a “frolicking good time” looking at motherhood’s stresses.   

And so it is, but it’s more than that.  I sat here today watching it for the second time, and this time I want to focus on the depth of its message.

Ally, the young mommy blogger, is stressed.  The film shows you her kids’ energy, Ally’s panic at the chaos in her life, her husband’s well-meaning failures.

But it’s Ally’s self-discovery that rings true for all of us, mothers and fathers and every one else.  That’s the message we can all take away from this contemporary comedy.

“In truth, my life hasn’t changed much,” Ally blogged.  “I have!”

And indeed, she had:  Ally had learned to smile at the chaos in her crazy, stressful, over-the-top beautiful life.

Ally had come to understand that her life was not perfect–she was not perfect–but she was right where God wanted her to be.

“I’m a mess,” she admitted, “but I’m a beautiful mess.  I’m His masterpiece–and that’s enough.”

That’s about as much as I can tell you about this great, funny, family-friendly film without revealing too many of the details.

I’ll tell you this:  Moms’ Night Out is a fantastic Mother’s Day flick!  Why don’t you take someone you love this weekend?


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  • I have only seen the extended previews. What I saw struck me as another feel-good mommy movie that makes the husbands/dads look like complete idiots. Without giving away too much, is that what you found?

    • kathyschiffer

      Well, there’s some of that. When you get to the end, though, what emerges is Ally’s husband’s (Sean Astin’s) respect, love and admiration. He’s a hero, too, in that closet scene–providing the comfort that Ally needed in her moment of stress. He’s a hero.