Fourth of July Special: Honoring Catholics in Our Nation’s Capitol

An American saint.  A blessed.  And a list of Catholic statesmen, politicians, missionaries and pioneers.

There are thirteen Catholics, in fact, who are honored in our nation’s Capitol, enshrined in National Statuary Hall and other places in the Capitol Building.

With two honorees selected from each of the fifty states, there are one hundred patriots and historic figures who are commemorated in what was once called simply “The Hall”, in what was formerly the chamber of the House of Representatives.

Over at Aleteia, you can read about the clergy and religious (Fr. Jacques Marquette, Mother Mary Joseph Pariseau), the Supreme Court justice (Edward D. White), the statesmen (Gen. James Shields), the pioneers and politicians whose Catholic faith helped to guide their work on behalf of the United States of America.

Go read their stories here.


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  • Manny

    We Catholics should be very thankful this fourth of July. The Supreme Court decisions limiting our freedoms have all gone our way. Let’s pray for thanks and that the rest go our way as well.