Special Heart: Fox News’ Bret Baier Shares His Deepest Fear, His Deepest Love

On his second day of life, Paul Francis Baier was diagnosed with pediatric heart disease.  Without open-heart surgery, he would die.

Until that day, there was no doubt that little Paulie’s dad, Fox News’ chief political anchor Bret Baier, was truly blessed.  He enjoyed financial success, an exciting career, and a loving family.  Bret and his wife Amy had just welcomed their first-born son.  But on the second day of little Paul’s life, his parents sat horror-stricken, listening to a doctor explain that their newborn suffered from a life-threatening heart defect. 

Bret Baier’s new book, Special Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage and Love, chronicles the ups and downs, the love and the fear, the elation at becoming parents and the all-encompassing disappointment when things didn’t go as planned–when they learned that their son’s life was in danger!

Special Heart opens a window onto the hectic life of an international news reporter and White House correspondent.  But it’s much more than that:  It’s an encouragement to parents who may be facing difficult struggles; it’s a “thank you” to the friends and family who supported the Baier family with prayer during their son’s ordeal.  It’s a testament to the miracles of modern science and the efficacy of prayer.

I especially enjoyed Bret’s reminiscences of his good friend who had passed away, Tony Snow.  Some years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Tony when he spoke at a conference I had organized.  He was a gracious Catholic man; and it was no surprise that Baier, too, admired his solid faith.

And of course, I was inspired by a father’s solid love.  Through three open heart surgeries and many health crises, Bret Baier was the rock for his family–cherishing his wife and son through the challenge of one crisis after another, laying his family’s needs before a loving God.

Special Heart is an inspiring read–for parents, for news junkies, for people of faith, for everyone who loves a happy ending.

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