Love Spells: Be Careful What You Witch For

Love spells can be a temptation too great to resist. If you’re committed to doing one, you’ve got to put in the work in order to yield the relationship you’re trying to manifest. Otherwise, you’re likely end up broken-hearted. You’ve got to be careful what you witch for.

Young Love?

Yesterday I came home from the city quite pleased with myself for picking up a little Valentine’s treat for my youngest son to give to his beloved. He found the candy while unpacking the supplies and asked me what it was for. I explained. He responded that he was going to eat it because he liked candy more than his crush. Sigh. But then I thought that this was probably a good thing. Better to eat what’s in the heart shaped box than to risk getting the real one broken. Or is it?

The Temptation of Love Spells

The potential of romantic bliss is so alluring that many of us go to drastic measures in our quest for that perfect union. Our desire can be so intense that we turn to witchcraft for help. I’ve got nothing against love spells, but I do have a few suggestions.

I’ve done a few love spells over the years that can be considered successful. Well, at least at the time. While the spells yielded my intended results, I can’t say that they achieved my desired outcome of a happy, long-term committed relationship. In hindsight, I can now that it wasn’t the spells fault, it was mine. The spells (I did a couple) were effective – I became involved with the person that I had my eye on. I always ended up in a mess because I wasn’t  right minded in my approach to the spell.

Right Minded Magick

Let’s talk about right mindedness and witchcraft for a few sentences. By right  minded I mean that we are living as our true selves. Once we get to that place, our magick produces highly beneficial results – for everyone involved. It can be very challenging for a witch to be in the position to live as their true selves. Many of us are in situations where we can’t be open about who we are. When this is the case, our magick usually is wonky but it’s not because we aren’t good at spell casting, it’s because our intentions will be not in our own best interest. That’s because when we aren’t – or can’t – live openly as who we are, our shadow selves are in control of our lives, including our magick.

For me, that was the problem both times I did a love spell. Desiring a loving long-term relationship is a natural longing. Living as less than my true self created an energy that led me – under the direction of my shadow self – to attract and be attracted to potential mates that were not in my own best interest.

What I’ve learned from my love spells is that I needed to accept myself, figure out how to live as who I am really am, and then live that way before I could find the relationship that I so desired.

Types of Love Spells

Speaking of desire, there are more types of love spells than just ones designed to manifest a committed long-term relationship. You might want a hook-up or even an affair. I’m not one to judge what another person does in the name of love. But I will say that you need to contemplate where you are at as an individual before doing any type of love spell.

Reasons for Doing a Love Spell

You also need to think about why you are considering a love spell:

  • Are you lonely? In my experience, being comfortable spending time with yourself is required before a happy union with another person is truly viable.
  • Do you want a committed long-term relationship or do you think it’s time to find someone because all your friends have? If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that doing anything because everyone else is doing it is almost always a bad idea.
  • Is this about sex? If it is, then just focus on manifesting that. It’s perfectly find to just want to have sex with another person without it leading to a relationship.
  • What about the economic side of things? If you think that you’ll be happier once you’re living with your partner, think again. Moving in with someone because of money doesn’t work. Trust me.
  • Are you afraid of being alone? This is a bit different than feeling lonely. It’s more about the fear of growing old and not having anyone with you. If you have difficulties going to places by yourself, I suggest you do a spell to help you get over this problem and then go out alone before trying to conjure up a romantic partner.
  • Have you been hurt before? Sometimes getting our heart broken makes us isolate ourselves from any type of romantic connection. Other times we are hurting so much that we think finding another partner will ease the pain. Not true.

That’s enough examples of the types of questions to ask yourself before doing any type of love spell. My point is that you need to think things through before going ahead with a love spell.

Love Spell Casting Protocol

Once you’ve determined that it’s truly in your best interest to go ahead with the spell, you need to follow typical spell casting protocol:

  • Narrow your intention down as much as possible. Be very specific about the type of relationship you want to manifest and exceptionally detailed in describing your potential partner. Take your time when doing this, so you don’t forget important details. Try to focus on stable characteristics of your potential partner rather than temporary states or characteristics that can change. Appearance is the most obvious example.
  • Write your own spell. Honestly, all those ones you pay for are almost always complete garbage. Choose the correspondences that you’ll use carefully. This is a highly intimate spell and what goes into it should be reflective of this.
  • Be ethical. If you are trying to do something that isn’t in your – or your potential mate’s – best interest, then don’t do the spell. Especially when your desired partner is already in a relationship. That never works.
  • Decide if you are going to focus on manifesting a relationship or if you are going to hasten things. If you don’t have a specific person in mind, then you want to bring that person into your life. When you already know that person, you want the relationship to progress. If you’re already in the relationship, but feel like the love is gone, then you want to restore that feeling. Here’s where the difference lies between manifesting and hastening spells – if you are trying to make something happen you’re more likely to make a mess out of things. However, if you’re trying to hasten the natural course of events, the spell will be much more effective. In my experience, hastening spells about love tend to come from our true selves while manifesting is often the work of the shadow.

Be Careful What You Witch For

We live in the age when the potential for romantic – or sexual – bliss appears to be literally at our fingertips. Although instant gratification can be fine, if what you’re after is a long-term relationship than stayed focused on that. If you cast a spell for a life partner but are constantly on the prowl, then you’re creating two currents of contrary energy. And you’ll probably end up hurt. You’ll only increase the chance of ending up broken hearted if you add a spell to this mix.

The best way to avoid ending up disappointed – or worse – with your love spell is to avoid doing it at all. If you’re confident that the spell is necessary, proceed with extreme caution. Be careful what you witch for.

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