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This first day of my blog is April 1, 2013–April Fool’s Day. I’m a fool for Christ. This blog will be mostly an apologetic for Christian faith. I will attempt to present the faith of the early Jewish Christians of the first century as they handed it down to us in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

As the header of this blog states, I intend for this blog to be somewhat organized so that I will post on a certain subject each of the five weekdays as follows: Golf on Mondays, Current Events on Tuesdays, Christology on Wednesdays, Eschatology on Thursdays, and Other on Fridays, which will sometimes be book reviews. For about the first year, Golf on Monday posts will represent excerpts from a book I am writing entitled Christ on the PGA TOUR. And, again, for about the first year, Christology on Wednesday posts will represent excerpts from a book I am writing on Christology. With this format, viewers interested only in one of these subjects can choose to read the blog only on that day. But I usually will make random posts throughout the week as most bloggers do.

Check out my profile in About Me to learn why the header says I’m “the Pro from the Moon.”

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