Barry Manilow Is Gay

BarryManilow1How many married women out there in America used to listen to Barry Manilow sing a love song and swoon with ecstasy, pretending it was their husband singing to them? Today, Barry Manilow revealed for the first time publicly that he has always been gay.

Doesn’t surprise me or a lot a people. Nevertheless, Mr. Manilow sure has been good at what he does. He says he hid his sexual orientation because he feared that knowledge of it would cause him to lose many of his female fans. No doubt.

BarryManilow2Barry Manilow is a 73-year old American singer and songwriter. His 50+ year career has made him the top Adult Contemporary chart artist of all time according to Radio and Records as well as Billboard magazines. Amazingly, he has had 47 top-40 singles, with 12 of them as #1 hits. I mostly remember “Copacabana at the Copa.”

Barry Manilow’s paternal grandfather was Jewish, and his maternal grandparents were Russian Jews. Although his was born Barry Alan Pincus, at his bar mitzvah he changed his last name by taking his mother’s maiden name–Manilow. She was a Roman Catholic. Barry grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

One time I got dragged to a Barry Manilow concert. The place was totally packed. It seemed like women outnumbered men ten to one. They ranged from youth to the elderly. Every time Manilow finished singing one of his lovely songs, it seemed like every female in the joint arose to her feet, jumped up and down with arms raised high, and hollered as loud as she could. It was PANDEMONIUM! I just about laughed my head off every time. I decided right there that if anybody could do that to people, he deserved every dime and accolade that ever came his way.

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