President Trump Is Being Investigated for Obstruction of Justice

DonaldTrumpHeadshotYesterday, The Washington Post reported that various sources are saying special counsel Robert Mueller now is investigating President Donald Trump himself, thus not only some of his surrogates, for obstructing justice regarding the investigation of the Russian probe in possible collusion to affect the presidential election last year and incidents that have occurred this years as well. President seems to have acknowledged this as fact today in a tweet.

JamesComeyAccording to former FBI Director James Comey in his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee last week, President Trump asked him three times if the FBI had him under investigation regarding the Russian probe. Each time Comey says he told the president “no.” Then Trump asked Comey to make a public statement to that effect. Comey deemed that would wrong and refused to do it. Trump then fired Comey. When Comey testified last week, he also gave the committee and Mueller a document that involved Comey taking notes of his communications with President Trump.

The Washington Post also claims that right after Comey gave this document to Mueller, Mr. Mueller then opened an investigation of President Trump on whether of not he obstructed justice in firing James Comey. For two days after Trump fired Comey, in a televised interview Trump said he was thinking of the Russian probe when he fired Comey, which seems to mean he fired Comey because Comey would not end the Russian probe. Most legal experts believe that represents an obstruction of justice.

Trump supposedly is being investigated along three lines:

  1. Russian probe including collusion
  2. Obstruction of justice in which Trump tried to shut down the Russian probe
  3. Financial crimes that many include various scenarios, such as money laundering


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