A Witch Hunt?

DonaldTrumpFirstDebatePresident Donald Trump keeps calling the Justice Department’s Russian probe investigation, now led by special counsel Robert Mueller, “a hoax” and “a witch hunt.” He can’t leave it alone. Constantly doing this can only mean one thing–Donald Trump is trying to get this investigation stopped because there is some serious dirt on him that, if made public, could put him in a mess of trouble leading to impeachment and who knows what else. It is the only conclusion that makes sense.

Now, I don’t recall that Mr. Trump has ever made it clear that when he derogatorily calls the Mueller investigation “a witch hunt,” he means the kind of witch hunt that tragically ended in trials and hangings that took place in 1692-1963 in Salem, Massachusetts, among the religious colonists. That was such a travesty and blight on Christianity. The ironic and worst part of it was that most or all of those twenty people who were convicted and hanged were not witches at all. Some of them were devout and loving Christians who wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Since I’m not aware that Trump has said Mueller’s investigation is a witch hunt like that at Salem, Trump may be right–Mueller’s investigation is a witch hunt in which there is collusion with the devil.

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