Trump “Sticks His Pick in the Ground”


DonaldTrumpGoling-12-2017President Trump was playing golf earlier this week. CNN showed him hitting a particular chip shot, with trees barely blocking a full view. When he made the shot, apparently from close to the green, his swing was so bad. On his downswing, his upper body lunged and dipped atrociously. When he made ball contact, his club gouged the turf and stuck. (We couldn’t see if he hit the ball or where it went.) In golf parlance, that is called “sticking your pick in the ground.”

Soon after that, a white truck pulled up on the adjacent road next to those trees and stopped. The driver’s purpose seemed to be to block CNN cameras from getting any more views of the president. CNN now says it apparently has located that truck and that it is sitting in a Palm Beach police department facility.

Did the president call the police to go into action? If so, I finally found something I agree about with Donald Trump. He doesn’t wasn’t the world to see that ugly, dippy, chipping stroke of his!

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