The Most Renowned UFO Incidents (Part 10 of 10)

[The following is a portion of a chapter in a book manuscript I intend to publish in my Still Here book series on biblical eschatology. I believe some UFO sightings–probably hundreds worldwide in the past two generations–have been unnatural phenomena attributable to angels (cf. Daniel 4.13, 17, 23; Hebrews 1.14; 1 Peter 1.12).]

UFO Analyst Nick Pope

Nick Pope is a British freelance journalist and UFO analyst. The British Government’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) employed him from 1985 to 2006. From 1991 to 1994, Nick Pope was a MOD investigator of UFO sightings in Britain as to their significance for British defense. Then Pope resigned his post in protest to the MOD no longer investigating UFOs. But he did not announce this publicly until 2009. As a careful analyst, Nick Pope thinks a certain percentage of UFO sightings in the UK have no natural explanation. In recent years, he has appeared on many television documentaries as an expert UFO analyst.

On August 16, 2013, I discovered Nick Pope’s website and emailed him. I explained that I was writing a book about UFOs. Then I said, “I notice that UFO analysts rarely mention angels as a possible explanation of UFO sightings that provide good evidence that those objects are real and controlled by intelligent beings. Do you know of any respectable people who adopt this angel viewpoint of UFOs?”

Mr. Pope answered me promptly and cordially. He said, “I’ve heard the theory before. I’m not sure there’s any particular person most associated with the idea, but it’s one of a number of different theories about UFOs and aliens that are doing the rounds. I’m happy to correspond on this idea a little more if you like, even though it’s not something I believe in personally.”

I then sent Nick a chapter I had written about UFOs being angels. He emailed me back saying, “If I have any useful feedback I’ll let you know, once I’ve had a chance to read and digest the material.”
He never replied. Maybe he had no “useful feedback.” But due to this experience I became suspicious of UFO analysts who generate income from making public speeches, television appearances, and writing books about UFOs. Publicizing the angel hypothesis about UFOs might retard their income.

UFOs are strange, and they cause us to ask many questions about them. What are they? If they are operated by intelligent beings, who are they? Where are they from? Why would they seemingly spy on humans who are flying their machines in space? That is the subject of the next chapter in this yet unpublished book manuscript.

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