What Is Religious Conversion in Israel?

What is religious conversion? It depends on who you ask. It is different between the three monotheistic faiths--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In Islam, you become a Muslim merely declaring yourself a member of the Islamic faith. In Christianity, there is no agreement on the subject.In Roman Catholicism, conversion involves first being water baptized, then receiving religious instruction called Catechism, and finally be confirmed by a priest in a ceremony called Confirmation to be a … [Read more...]

Dustin Johnson Finally Wins a Major

As I said in my post two days ago, Dustin Johnson has been knocking on the door many times in trying to win one of the four majors in pro golf. Today, he finally knocked the door down even though for a while, it looked like another bad break might sink his ship again.Dustin won the 2016 U.S. Open by three strokes, at four under par, on the tough Oakmont Country Club with the very slippery, fast greens and picturesque sand bunkers called Church Pews, all near Pittsburgh, PA.Little-known … [Read more...]

What Is the Subordination of the Son?

A new debate is heating up among Trinitarian Christians concerning the subordination of the Son, Jesus Christ, to God the Father and whether or not there is a similar relationship between men and women as taught in the Bible.  Egalitarians believe the Bible teaches an equality between men and women regarding human rights whereas Complementarians believe men have a superior function to women in certain areas of life and thus do not believe that women have all the same rights as men do. This d … [Read more...]

The 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont

The U.S. Open Golf Championship is being held this week at the famed Oakmont Country Club near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is most known for its fast greens and distinctive series of sand bunkers called the Church Pews located between the two parallel fairways of the third and fourth holes. (I don't recall ever visiting that heretical church)!Oakmont C.C. has now hosted fifteen major championships: twelve U.S. Opens, more than any other golf course, and three PGA Championships. I played … [Read more...]

Is Islam a Peaceful Religion?

U.S. President Barak Obama refuses to use the term "radical Muslims" in identifying those people who call themselves "Muslim" and are members of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (=ISIL/ ISIS). Now he is getting pummeled for this refusal by Republican politicians, especially the Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, for the U.S. presidential election this fall.This week, President Obama again defended his refusal to use the term "radical Muslims" by saying these … [Read more...]

Which Is It: Crooked Hilary or Chump Trump?

Now that Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have secured the position of presumed nominee of their political parties for the U.S. presidential election in November, they are turning to speaking out against each other. Donald Trump is repeatedly referring to the past First Lady, Secretary of State, and now the first woman to win an election by either party in our two-party political system for U. S. president, as "Crooked Hilary." So far, it's mostly because of her inadvertent "mistake," which she … [Read more...]

Is the Beginning of Christianity the Trinity?

Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer (1912-1984) was an American Evangelical theologian and Presbyterian pastor most known for establishing L'Abri Fellowship in Huémoz-sur-Ollon, Switzerland. He and his wife Edith began this ministry by taking young people into their home and personally discipling them about how to live a Christian life and have a positive effect on the world in doing so. Both Francis and Edith were authors of Christian books. Francis' most successful book is entitled, How Should We Then … [Read more...]

How Orthodox Judaism Has Viewed the State of Israel and a Future Temple

Jews lived in their "land of Israel" for nearly 1,500 years until the Romans ousted them following The Second Jewish Revolt of 132-135 CE. The Romans then forbade Jews to live in Jerusalem on pain of death, changed its name to the pagan name Aleia Capitolina, and made it very difficult for Jews to live in the land of Israel anymore. So, Jews dispersed into the Gentile nations, mostly in the Middle East and Europe, just as Moses had predicted (e.g., Deut 4.27; 28.63-64; 30.17-18). Thus began the … [Read more...]