“Why People Resist Being Persuaded”

This month’s issue of Christianity Today magazine has what I think is an excellent and brief article by Christine Herman entitled “Why People Resist Being Persuaded.” Interestingly, she is a PhD chemist turned public radio journalist and freelance science writer. Christine begins this piece as follows: “The problem with persuasion is not just that people are stubborn; people change their minds all the time about all sorts of things. The real challenge arises when someone’s beliefs are tied to their… Read more

Trump Makes the U.S. Selfish Like Him

U.S. President Donald Trump ran his election campaign with the slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Yes, we needed to help a lot of people, mostly in the Midwest and Northeast. They were out of work or not making enough money because of a downturn in the economy relative to their job qualifications. The world is changing, and some people need to change with it in order to make a living. Perhaps there needs to be more re-education and training that… Read more

Are We Getting Less Sleep Due to Global Warming?

Health practitioners increasingly stress how important it is for us humans to get sufficient sleep to maintain good health. Now, some researchers are saying we’re getting less sleep due to global warming. The results of a new, largest-of-its-kind study were published last week as evidence of this loss of sleep. Nick Obradovich–a doctoral student at the University of California at San Diego–is the lead author of the study who conducted much of its research. He says, “We found that unusually… Read more

Dufner Wins Memorial

Stoic Jason Dufner recovered from a disastrous five-over par 77 on Saturday to win the Memorial yesterday by three strokes with a 68 for a total of 275. Dufner had set the 36-hole tournament record on the first two days with a pair of 65s, 14 under par. So, to do that, shoot a whopping 77 on Saturday, and still win the tournament on Sunday was quite a remarkable achievement. This tournament is hosted by Jack Nicklaus at his Muirfield… Read more

Assurance of Salvation by Continuing in Faith and Obedience

(Scriptures are from the NRSV) The Protestant Reformation will celebrate its 500th anniversary this fall. German, Roman Catholic priest Martin Luther started it by nailing his “Ninety-Five Theses” to the door of the Wittenburg Church. That document was mostly a rejection of the Roman Catholic Church’s indulgences. But Luther’s clarion call was for the Church to return to the biblical admonition called “justification by faith” as found mostly in two passages in the Apostle Paul’s New Testament letters. Paul declares,… Read more

Copts Need to Get It Right about Jesus

In the past almost six months, ISIS has conducted four massacres in Egypt against innocent Coptic Christians, resulting in over 100 deaths. In the first such assault, on December 11, a Coptic church was bombed, resulting in 24 casualties. Most recently, on May 25, ISIS ambushed a Coptic church bus convoy, killing 30. Those terrorists stopped the convoy in the desert and told its riders to switch their religion to Islam or die. Obviously, they refused and became martyrs of… Read more

Will Terrorism Factor in Daniel’s Last World Empire Made of Iron?

What the world calls “terrorism” is difficult to stop. Islamic radicals conduct what they believe is jihad (struggle) by committing murdering atrocities that often include their own suicide. They do the latter because of belief their martyrdom with result in them receiving rewards in heaven. Many of the people they kill are totally innocent, including women and children and oftentimes Muslims. What a barbaric travesty on human nature. How can this terrorism be stopped? I believe it likely will only… Read more

Is Donald Trump a Big Liar Conducting a Classic Cover-up?

That’s what it looks like to me. Any rational person who is the new president of the USA–the greatest country in the world and leader of the free world–and is under investigation for collusion by his election campaign team and Russian operatives to get him elected, thus overthrowing our democratic process, would NOT be conducting himself as President Donald Trump has been if he himself was innocent of such activities. First of all, he can’t know for certain that none… Read more

What Was Paul’s Christology?

The post-apostolic, institutional church has always declared that Jesus is God. The Catholic Church proclaimed at its First Ecumenical Council, at Nicaea in 325 A.D., that Jesus is “very God from very God.” Its Nicene Creed includes this language and declares most authoritatively that  whoever does not so subscribe is “anathema,” that is, condemned. I don’t believe the Bible supports such an onerous denunciation. In fact, the question of whether or not Jesus is God is never broached in the… Read more

Trump Travel Order Still Fails to Cite the Qur’an

U.S. President Donald Trump’s Travel Ban against Muslims from six nations suffered a second rejection by our court system yesterday. The full Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled 10 to 3 in upholding the lower court’s decision. It had barred Trump’s executive order to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. who are residents of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. In this appeal, lawyers removed from this second executive order “Iraq” and some language mentioning… Read more

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