Women Will Send Trump to the Dump

Women are going to come out of the woodwork for this presidential election and send the Trumpster to the Dumpster. That's exactly where he belongs. Instead of strutting his stuff in his many elite, affluent, Trump National golf clubs, he should be swinging his golf club and thumping his golf ball into tin cans in the dump.It's because, in the second televised debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton on Sunday night, Donald Trump denied that he had … [Read more...]

“Locker Room Banter”?

Donald Trump has defended his sexually-vulgar remarks he made in 2005 in a taped audio-video released Friday. In it he brags about making sexual advances on women without their previous consent, even on married women, that includes kissing and groping them. He said on the video he gets away with it often because he is "a star." But yesterday, he dismissed it as "locker room banter."What locker rooms is he talking about? He's not talking about teenagers or young men in locker rooms after … [Read more...]

Dr. Wayne Grudem Should Have Known Better

Starting in July last year, I have now blogged about 25 posts against Donald Trump for president. As I stated in one of those posts, in all my fifty plus years as an American voter, I have never felt strongly against any Republican or Democratic nominee for U.S. president until this one. Moreover, I think Christians should be careful about expressing their political views, especially when they meet together as a church. I have been in an extremely political church, and I don't like it. Jesus … [Read more...]

Finally–Office of Religion and Global Affairs in State Department

For a long time, I have believed that the U.S. government makes a mistake by not educating itself about religion in its dealing with foreign affairs. Finally, Madeleine Albright, as President Bill Clinton's Secretary of State, declared that this was a problem that federal U.S. government officials needed to fix. Then when your tenure finished, she wrote a book on this subject showing her seriousness about it. It is entitled The Mighty and Almighty: Reflections on America, God and World Affairs … [Read more...]

Trump the Stump

A stump is the bottom of a tree that protrudes a little above ground after its entire upper portion has been severed and fallen to the ground. That's Donald Trump as of yesterday when The Washington Post and NBC released a 2005 audio-video of Donald Trump taped by Access Hollywood in which he and Billy Bush, host of Access Hollywood at that time, were riding in a bus and Donald Trump used vulgar language in describing his philandering, which some are now calling his assault of women.With one … [Read more...]

Continuing Jewish Settlements in West Bank

For multiple decades, both the United Nations and the USA--Israel's #1 ally and sugar daddy--have denounced Israel's continuing policy of increasing Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Why? It is hoped that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be solved by creating a Palestinian state in the discontiguous Gaza Strip and West Bank, or portions thereof, with an approximately twenty-mile corridor joining the two land parcels. Why this land? That is where most Palestinians have lived and are still … [Read more...]

America Deserves Better

Last night, The Trumpster should have kicked himself into The Dumpster and forever shut the lid! I mean Donald Trump should have thrown in the towel and resigned as the Republican nominee for U.S. president, the greatest and most difficult job in the secular world. But no! The Donald doesn't have QUIT in his DNA. He warns that he's coming loaded for bear tomorrow night in the second of three scheduled television debates to be aired live between him and Hilary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for … [Read more...]

Trump the Past Philanderer Exposed

Today, the most politically-informative newspaper in the USA, The Washington Post--which has opposed Donald Trump for U.S. president--released a tape 2005 recorded conversation between him and Billy Bush, host of "Access Hollywood," as they were driving up to the television set of the soap opera "Days of Our Lives" in which Trump was going to make a cameo appearance. The conversation was private and unknowingly taped with a "hot" microphone. It is very damaging to Donald Trump in his run for the … [Read more...]